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Best courses in diploma after 12th

What best courses in diploma after 12th. Here is a list of the 6 best diploma courses after 12th:

  • Diploma in Computer Applications
  • Diploma in Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing
  • Diploma in Animation (VFX)
  • Diploma in Photography
  • Diploma in Yoga
  • Diploma in Interior Design

Diploma in Computer Applications:

Duration: 6 months – 1 year

Course Fee: 10k-25k per annum

Course content overview: You will be taught the basics of computers like the fundamentals of HTML, E-mail, MS Office, Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Design, photoshop & more.

Diploma in Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing: Are you into fashion & beauty? 

This is perfect for people who want to enter the glamour industry & who knows where your skills are going to take you.

Duration: 1-2 years

Course Fees: 25k – 1Lakh per annum.

Course Content: Grooming techniques, makeup, hairdressing, yoga, fitness, nail structure & more.

Diploma in Animation: The scope for this course never goes out of trend, animation just keeps on getting better with time, and with the advent of  Metaverse the opportunities are going to explode in the coming years. 

Duration: 2 years

Course Fees: 20k – 1 Lakh per annum.

Course content: Here you are taught to work with various editing tools both 2D & 3D. Video game design, Cartoon design, & Video editing, will also be taught.

Diploma in Photography: If you like to capture moments and turn them into art then this course is for you. Photography is a fun profession, you get to travel, explore, & meet new people all while making money.

Duration: 1 year

Course Fees: 20k – 1.5 Lakh per annum.

Course Content: Nature photography, Sports photography, Landscape photography, Image enhancement, editing, Fashion photography & more.

Diploma in Yoga:

This course will not only increase your immediate employability in the health industry but will also turn you into a happier & healthier individual.

Duration: 1-2 years

Course Fee: 30k – 80k per annum.

Course Content: Study of yoga, neuropathy, psychology, philosophy, yogic science, anatomy & more.

Diploma in Interior Design: This is a great course if you are someone who is into art, architecture, symmetry, & design. 

Duration: 1-2 years

Course Fees: 20K-1.4 Lakh per annum.

Course Content: Study of art, design, architecture, drawing, 3D editing & more.

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