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Grab the opportunity MALTA residence work study

I would like to introduce to you the Depioneer Group of Companies.

We are associated with the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industries as well.

We are dealing with study abroad, Immigration, work permits for different countries such as Canada, Gulf Countries, European countries, etc, and liaison (Pan India).

It’s a Golden Opportunity to get Temporary Residency Citizenship in Malta. Through this, you can study part-time and work full-time in Malta without taking an English proficiency test. More benefits are mentioned below:

* Study + Work + Residency
* 60-day process in Malta for TRC
* IELTS not required
* and Post-Landing Services are available
* Get the offer from Top University within a week
* 3-month process in India
* Students can Travel to all the Schengen countries

Furthermore, Easy settlement PR in Malta with an attractive salary + bonus available. Also, accommodation guidance will be provided. So don’t miss this great opportunity and get easy TRC in Malta at Low Cost.


2 thoughts on “Grab the opportunity MALTA residence work study”

  1. Shahrukh Khan October 20, 2023

    Great Opportunity

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