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Depioneer Education Overseas has enabled numerous students to study and settle abroad in the past 22 years. Some of the most popular countries among the students are the western countries like Canada, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Belgium, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Spain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, etc along with countries like China, Singapore, Japan, & South Korea. Scroll down to learn more about the countries & the universities.


Canada is home to some of the top-ranking universities in the entire world, in fact, Qs world ranking featured 26 Canadian universities in their list last year with the University of Toronto, UBC, and Mc Gill topping the list. Factors like good immigration policies, job opportunities, & high standard of living are the major factors that attract so many students to this country each year. Canada is also an English Speaking country making the deal even more attractive.


Home to some of the oldest & most prestigious universities globally, the UK is known for its quality of higher education. With 90 universities in the Qs world rankings & 4 institutions making it into the top 10 globally UK has been a dream spot for many for centuries. Famous universities like Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, & Imperial College London are situated in the UK. Also, the official language in this country is English, in fact, the UK is the place where this language originated in the first place.
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With over 30 universities ranking in the top 100 universities globally the US is arguably home to the best universities in the world. With famous names like Harvard, Stanford, & MIT topping the list. Higher income, a better standard of living & great job opportunities are the primary reasons students come to the US. Cultural diversity, international recognition & reputation of the degrees are other luring factors. 


 The island continent is another top-rated student destination. Much like the US & the UK, Australia has a plethora of high-ranking universities with the University of Melbourne, Sydney, & Australian National University topping the list. Great job opportunities, better standard of living, & beautiful beaches are some of the most promising features of this island nation & student-friendly government policies only make it better. To know more, Check out this list of 10 reasons why you should study in Australia.

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New Zealand

This island country is located off the eastern coast of Australia & is home to some of the best educational institutions in the world including the University of Canterbury, the University of Otago, & the University of Aukland. Other reasons why students love this country so much are the captivating sites, great job opportunities, better standard of living & its high ranking (No: 10th) on the list of world’s happiest countries. Newzealand is a dream destination for many tourists but it is a dream come true when you actually get to live here.


 Europe has been & still is known for its great educational institutions, it has been a seeker’s magnet for centuries owing to its quality education & open doors to international students. Many European universities are very affordable as compared to other places, so much so that countries like Germany, Norway, & Finland even offer free education in some institutions. Some popular European countries for education are Belgium, Poland, Finland, Norway, Italy, Spain, Ireland, France, Austria, Chez Republic & more.

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